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Suitmate Swimming Costume Dryer > Removes 95% of a suit's water in approx 6 seconds.

Suitmate swimming costume spinner, for Sales and Service contact Techniflow.

The Suitmate Costume Dryer helps prevent water damaging your changing or hotel rooms. Wet, and dripping swimsuits can harm metal lockers by rusting, wooden lockers by delaminating, and promote mould and mildew in carpets and furniture.

The Suitmate has been in production for over 30 years supplying worldwide, and with a rigid stainless steel construction that resists the stress of vibration compared to plastic models. This makes the Suitmate swimsuit dryer the only costume dryer on the UK market you can trust. Buy the genuine and best Suitmate swimming costume spinner for peace of mind.

As the main UK distributor, we also offer servicing packages, spares and a repair service With most swimmers placing their wet costumes in a sports bag, they return to the hotel room or home with their costume still soaking and possibly using the hairdryer to dry their costumes.

Remove approximately 95% of a suit's water in a 6 second cycle by using a Suitmate spin dryer, and make the costume drip free. It is safe for all fabrics, simple to use and install, and is reliable.

Installation: Moisture-proof electrical junction box and wall-mount bracket are provided. Water for disposal should be directed to floor drain or piped to waste water system.

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220 – 240v AC @ 50Hz Unit
Size: 381mm x 381mm x 584 mm ht
Weight 25kg . (Approximately)
Construction: Rust free stainless steel and high density polyethylene plastic
3100 rpm spin speed
Other electrical configurations available: CE Approved / KTL Approved
Manual self-start and self-stop
No exposed moving parts
Built-in ground fault circuit interrupter (R.C.D.)
Easy to follow instructions. Apply hand pressure on lid to start

Removes approximately 95% of a suit's water in approx a 6 seconds cycle on timer

Uses no heat, to give low running costs
Safe for all swimsuit materials

One suit per operation


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